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If you’re looking for a comprehensive guide to the Jubler subtitling software, then you’ve come to the right place! Click on the video below to understand what this site is about, or continue reading below.

Welcome to the complete beginner’s guide to Jubler!

Who is this course for?
You don’t need to know anything about Jubler to begin this course, this is completely beginner-friendly! Even if you have some subtitling experience, you’ll be sure to find this guide useful.

All throughout the course, we will be creating and building upon a subtitling project. We’re going to be working with a Japanese cooking video as we cover all the basic tools provided by Jubler including creating, synchronizing, customizing and translating subtitles. Jubler can be used on both a MAC and a PC.

The course has been structured into 6 main sections which you can access from the menu above or by clicking on the links below:

  1. Creating Subtitles
  2. Previewing Subtitles
  3. Customizing Subtitles
  4. Synchronizing Subtitles
  5. Translating Subtitles
  6. Saving and Exporting Subtitles

These six sections will cover eight episodes in total, providing you with all the information you need to create your own subtitled video.

Remember to share this guide so that others can learn Jubler too!

Ready to begin? Your first step is to download Jubler onto your PC or MAC. Let’s go!